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Berlin, the former capital of Prussia and the cultural reference in the Twenties, is a fascinating city. It was divided in two by the wall for many years and we still find there, even nowadays, years after the reunification, two distinct cities. Only the centre, which was recently renovated, seems to have removed the scars of the history. Berlin is a city, which is undergoing profound changes day by day. To walk in its centre means that you discover the contemporary history, you stand open-mouthed in front of its immense buildings, you visit magnificent theatres and unforgettable museums and monuments; you take a breath of fresh air in its huge parks, you rest in its welcoming bars, you make the most of its night life, being surprised in front of the abundance of its small markets, where you will find a lot of curious and strange things.

This strategic city displays a remarkable industrial and economic development and a continuous cultural turmoil, the offer being, in this field, one of the most interesting and at the forefront of fashion. Studying German in Berlin is much more than learning a language. It means that you will discover a city with a strong personality and full of character, which is not afraid of changes, which is always in reconstruction and does not look like any other city in the world.
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Located in the Berliner district of Schoenberg, GLS has over 20 years of experience teaching German. Each year, more than 1 800 students come from more than 60 different countries, to learn German in this school and use the chance to discover the extraordinary city of Berlin.

The experience and good reputation of GLS is attested by professional certifications awarded by various national and international quality-control bodies. All GLS teachers are passionate about their job. The school building contains 22 rooms on 3 floors, thus offering ideal learning conditions. Besides, the building is listed and protected as representative of the industrial architecture of the city.

Note: Courses begin every Monday.
Euridiom's opinion
What has to be emphasized is the professionalism of this school, both on the administrative and pedagogical level, as well as the many social, cultural and leisure activities organized. Learning German with GLS will be effective and pleasant as well. The multiculturalism of its groups will be an additional factor of enrichment for you.

Capacity 200/400 Students
Method The GLS method focusses on communication. Training oral expression is the main goal, without neglecting grammar, of course. Teachers encourage students to speak as much as possible. GLS applies the Tandem method: two teachers alternate in working with each group with a half-hour break in between each session.
Facilities Cafeteria, computer room with 20 PCs and free Internet access, bikes for rental at low prices. Teaching material is included in the price of the course.

Every Tuesday, between 15 and 16:00, GLS offers free counselling for all students who want to complete their studies and attend higher education institutions in Germany.

Activities Each week, GLS gives you the opportunity of discovering Berlin with, at least, three half-day activities and a full day excursion. But not only that! Every other week you can visit wonderful cities such as Prague, Leipzig or Hamburg. And on Mondays at 19.30, GLS invites you to come for a drink in a nearby café: an excellent opportunity to meet other students as well as the school team. Thursdays, you can attend seminars on history, film or music and every two weeks German films are shown directly in the school.
Standard General German Course
Intensive General German Course
Crash General German Course
Individual General German Course
Specialized German Course
Crash Plus Specialized German Course
Individual 20 Specialized German Course
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Individual 40 Specialized German Course
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BWS Germanlingua school is located right in the centre of Berlin, at 9 Schlegel Street, next to the famous Friedrichstrasse and the Brandeburg Gate. Created in 1984, it is specialized in teaching German as a foreign language.

The organisation of BWS Germanlingua courses is composed of 6 levels, established according to the exam system from the Goethe Institute. Once you are through the basic level’s course, you are usually able to take the Zertifikat Deutsch. When you master the intermediate level, you are allowed to take the Zentrale Mittelstufenprüfung and after the advanced level the Zentrale Oberstufenprüfung.

BWS Germanlingua offers numerous social and cultural activities, which complete efficiently the class teaching. Most of the time, they are organized both by a team of teachers and students.

BWS Germanlingua is a member of IALC (International Association of Language Centres) and is acknowledged by the Swedish government to welcome grant-holders as well as by the government of the Chinese People’s Republic.

Euridiom's opinion
BWS Germanlingua is a welcoming little German school which is qualified by an intense socio-cultural activity and a very good teaching level. All the conditions are gathered to put you at ease and for you to spend an unforgettable stay. And then, you will certainly be likely to meet many people in this place favourable to exchanges.
Capacity 50/100 Students
Method A communicative one. Both oral and written teaching are equally treated.
Facilities 6 classrooms are fully equipped, library, computers with a free access to the internet, cafeteria.
Activities Some excursions and thematic trips in Berlin : “the wall”, “the DDR”, “the second world war”, “Berlin at night”, “a panoramic view over Berlin”, a german brewery, Checkpoint Charlie, the Jewish Museum....

Some excursions in the area : Potsdam, Wannsee, Babelsberg... Some activities : the all cultures Carnival, the Love Parade, German cooking lessons, sports (rollerblades, swimming, iceskating, billiards), thematic parties (barbecue, worlwide dishes, Christmas)... Some evenings out in group : pubs, bars, clubs, restaurants, biergarten.
Standard German Course
Intensive German Course
Combined German Course 20/5
Combined German Course 20/10
Specialized German Course 20/6
German Course and Exams Preparation 20/3
German Course and Exams Preparation 20/6
German and Pronunciation Course 20/ 3
German and Pronunciation Course 20/6
One-to-one German Course
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