An efficient language school in Madrid to study spanish in Spain.

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Madrid is the capital of the country and it is an unforgettable city. Everybody knows that those who like painting will find in its museums one of the richest art treasures in the world, and even if this is a thumping great argument to make us want to visit this splendid city, another one convinces us still more: its environment. Madrid never stops. Madrid is quivering with excitement night and day. Madrid does not sleep. You will like to have a coffee in the morning in a noisy and lively bar, you will like to go for a walk in the park of Retiro in the evening, and you will like to go out far into the night... and to come back at dawn! You will like Sundays at the market of Rastro and strolling in the district of Los Austrias. But over all you will like its contrasting effect. Madrid is a cosmopolitan city, open to the world and it gets its richness from its diversity, without losing its history or its identity. It is perhaps the reason why Madrid is unforgettable and is an appreciated destination for people who wish to study Spanish. Located in the heart of Spain, it has a strategic place, not only because of its interesting neighbourhoods (Tolède, Segovia, Aranjues, Alcala of Henares, Chincnon, San Lorenzo del Escorial...) but also to run off through the whole country. Nothing is far from Madrid. Not even the sky.
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EUREKA is located in a 150-year-old building, which has been entirely refurbished and restored for the teaching of languages. It is located in the heart of the capital of Spain, between the well-known Puerta del Sol and the Palacio Real and nearby the main centres of interest, an ideal location to discover the essence of marvellous Madrid. Eureka has years of experience and an excellent quality of teaching. The school has an accreditation delivered by the university of Alcala (CEELE) and the Cervantes institute and it is exclusively devoted to teaching Spanish as a foreign language. It is member of the Association of Spanish schools in Madrid, the FEDELE (the Spanish Federation of associations of Spanish schools for foreigners) and the exam centre for the Chamber of Commerce an Industry of Madrid.

The school offers courses appropriated to all levels and includes in the tuition price the teaching material and the books.

The school has an agreement with a restaurant nearby, where the students can have lunch, if they wish it, with the teachers and other students. It is a good opportunity to taste a lot of meals, typical Spanish fare, while learning the language!
Euridiom's opinion
Eureka aims at teaching efficiently Spanish, but also at providing students with a pleasant stay in Madrid. It offers interesting and convivial activities and the possibility to have all your meals with people of the school contributes to creating a relaxed atmosphere. This friendly environment and a method of teaching which has proved itself will make your learning of the Spanish language with Eureka both efficient and amusing.
Capacity 50/100 Students
Method Teachers use an exclusive method, based on communication, with basic grammar knowledge. There is a maximum of 7 students per class, ensuring an important participation in the groups.

Facilities In the school there are 12 classrooms perfectly equipped with audio and video material. Free Internet access, video room and library.
Activities Students can participate in tours of Madrid, and discover historical and cultural centres of interest. Guided visits of museums and excursions in splendid cities nearby the capital. Paella and swimming in the river are not excluded!

The price paid by the student for the activities includes transportation, a guide from the school and tickets for the museums
Intensive Spanish Course 20
Intensive Spanish courses 30
Private courses A
Private courses B
Private courses C
Private courses D
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