An efficient language school in Lausanne to study french in Switzerland.

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On Geneva lake’s banks -the biggest lake (and probably the most famous) in central Europe- Lausanne has held since ancient times a strategic position in cultural, trading and touristic exchanges between the north and the south of the continent. Located among vineyards and pineforests, surrounded on all sides by nature, this is one of the greenest cities in Switzerland and it is said to be one of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe. A human-size city, warm and welcoming, where conviviality/social interaction and communication are still possible. One of these places where we can enjoy a perfect harmony between modern life and nature.  Along with its sense of hospitality, its natural beauty, its entertainement parks, its festivities, its museums and its cultural events, Lausanne has always something to offer to its visitors. On the one hand the historical centre’s quietness with its beautiful gothique cathedral from the 18th century, is an invitation to wander in the cobblestoned streets, among the beautiful stores, the handcraftmen, the cafés and bars. On the other hand the modern city offers all the convienences of a capital city with important business, social and cultural activities.  Easily accessible by any means of transport : by car, trains, buses, plane and even by boat ( from the Geneva lake), Lausanne is close to numerous famous touristic places in Switzerland such as Geneva, Monteux and the Chillon castle, Zermatt and the Matterhorn, the Jungfrau, Luzerne, the historical city of Gruyères, Diablerets’ galcier, and in France, the Mount Blanc and Chamonix’s big ski resort. Moreover Lausanne, as the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee, is a spaorty city above all else which offers every variation on sport : rowing, swimming, tennis, golf, horse-riding, skating, cross-country skiing, etc... as well as countless cycling and walking and hiking itineraries.
With so many assets, Lausanne is the place to study French in Switzerland.
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Institut Richelieu
Richelieu Institute is located on the third floor of a flat in the city centre of Lausanne. Since 1962, this school has received students from all over the world who come to learn French in a warm and professional environment. This is a small school which offers a personalized monitoring; not only concerning the teaching of the language but also to help the student to solve the daily problems he may find (lodging, administrative applications, diverse information...). 6 classrooms are available and the number of 12 students in each group is a maximum.

Thanks to its numerous years of experience in teaching French as a foreign language and always concerned about renewing itself, Richelieu Institute has built a deserved fame among the French schools in Switzerland.
Euridiom's opinion
We underline the quality of the reception and the teaching monitoring offered by Richelieu Institute. You will feel at home in this small French school which will allow you to study in excellent conditions.
Capacity 50/100 Students
Method Communicative. Additional exercises available on line.
Facilities 6 classrooms, language laboratory.
Activities The school offers excursions in the area : neighbouring cities, archaeological or artistic sites and monuments, ski trips in the Alps.
General French Course
A 3-month General French Course
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