An efficient language school in Vienna to study german in Austria.

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It is undeniable that Vienna is magnificent. This is one of the most elegant cities in the world, brimming over with splendid architecture, with its large buildings, museums and baroque luxury hotels; even the shop windows look like works of art in this city. Indeed, it gives as well the image of a conservative city which moves slowly at the rhythm of a waltz. But, even though the traditions have an important place, there is of course in it a young and multi-coloured city, the other facet of the conservative Vienna: Musical bars and places, art galleries, small markets and all kinds of demonstrations of alternative culture. If you find the time to discover this 'alternative' Vienna, you will be likely to make the most of two cities at the same time, both so splendid, each of them their own way. There are also traditions we can not miss nor we do not want to miss, like taking the liberty of going in its splendid 'bistrots', real places for dates, where people meet to discuss and play around the gaming table, to read newspapers, or simply to enjoy the various and delicious kinds of coffee. To go into a Viennese bar is a ceremony, a ritual which should not be made in a rush.Your language course abroad will thus allow you, not only to study German, but also to discover Vienna and its wonders. 
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Actilingua is one of the most famous German schools in Austria. It is located in the full heart of Vienna, in front of a park, in a marvellous three-tiered building, from the top of which you can admire the domes of the town centre.Since 1988, this school has been offering a wide range of courses and interesting cultural and leisure activities. All the teachers are professional, with a special degree to teach German as a foreign language.They are native speakers of standard German and are highly qualified and regularlyattend training courses held by ActiLingua.Actilingua Academy has a good international reputation. It is member of the IALC (International Association of Language Centers), a certification agency with strict quality control criteria, of CAMPUS AUSTRIA, too, the Austrian organisation for German teaching quality. It is also Examination centre for the Austrian German Diploma «OSD».
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Actilingua offers very complete programs, which will allow you, not only to learn German, but also to discover this attractive city that is Vienna and to familiarize yourself with the culture and habits of the region. You will particularly appreciate the good atmosphere and the professionalism of the school.
Capacity 50/100 Students
Method Communicative teaching methods. The student is encouraged to participate in the course as actively as possible. Each group of students has two teachers (standard course) or three teachers (intensive course) per class, ensuring varied and efficient courses. The teaching aids used are the books of Hueber and Langenscheidt editors, as well as own educational material of the school. Books are lent to you free for the duration of the course. If you want, you have the possibility to buy them at the school secretariat with 50% discount.
Facilities Pleasant and bright classrooms provided with modern teaching equipment. Media library and library, where you will find German literature, newspapers and reviews. Computers, study room with varied teaching material at your disposal, in order that you can improve your knowledge (videos, CDs, documentary films, etc.).
Activities Visits of Vienna. Walks and talks to make you discover Austrian history, music, art and literature. Festivals, a wide choice of sports activities, films and waltz courses! All these activities are included in the price of your course.You will have the possibility to go on the excursions organised by the school: Salzburg, Graz, Klosteneuburg or the Wachau region, but also to make longer trips to cities, such as Prague and Budapest. These last activities are offered at low prices.
Standard German course 20/5
Intensive German course 30/5
Intensive Plus German course 30/5
Business German course 30/5
German for Life 1
German for Life 2
German and Winter sports
School Year and OSD exam
One-to-one German Course 20/5
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