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Step by Step
Stays of short duration (less than three months)

Stage1. Choose a city.
In case you shouldn't have decided it yet, the first thing that you have to do will be to choose the city, where you want to study. For that, it is necessary to consider your personal likings. Are you a lover of big cities, especially interested in the cultural life and the dynamism belonging to a city? Or are you rather a sportsman and you prefer activities in the open air and small cities? Or you like above all the beach... In most cases, you will have the choice between these various possibilities. It only remains for you to study information that we propose to you and you will have a more precise idea and realize your choice

Stage 2. Choose the school.
Once you have chosen the city, you might have to choose a school among a range of possibilities. All is related to your personal requirements as well as your learning objectives. Your first selection criterion depends on your needs: would you like to take a specialized language course (commercial, scientific, artistic, etc.)? Another important point is the size of the school and the number of students in a group, too. If you are rather interested in the dynamism and the social diversity, then you will rather decide on a big school. If, on the other hand, you prefer the family and personal touch in small groups, we have a wide range of small schools to offer you. We can ensure you that all of them have been scrupulously selected and that teaching that is offered in these schools, both in big or small structures, is very effective.

Stage 3. Choose a course.
Concerning the choice of the course, you have to read attentively the descriptions proposed, for each course, in the schools sheets. In this way you will choose the course which will adapt best to your capacities, to your availability, to your objectives and interests. If, despite everything, you have doubts about the choice of the course, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be pleased to help you in your selection.

Stage 4. Accommodation
If you need an accommodation, you can choose one of the possibilities suggested by the school that you have selected. Lodging offered have been carefully selected and are located near the school or, concerning the big cities, approximately 40 minutes maximum with public transport.
The possibilities of lodging are following:
- Home stay family: This option presents two principal advantages. First of all, you have the possibility to speak the foreign language at any moment and within the family, it is therefore the practical and very concrete aspect. The second advantage is that you will know from the inside another culture and a different way of living from yours. It is obvious that these experiments will help you to reinforce and develop your knowledge of the language. The schools select carefully the families, which are controlled during the whole stay. The relationship proves to be friendly, discrete and pleasant. Some small principles of good behaviour are to be respected: to help to clear the table, to inform when you do not eat at home or when you do not go home for the night and not to disturb the family during the hours of rest. Regular cleaning of the room and washing of clothes are generally included in the service.
- University accommodation: this is a very practical choice, since university residences are generally located close to the schools. A student's and relaxed environment, with the possibility to meet a great number of people from all the countries of the world. You can share the room with two or three students or have an individual room. Generally, changing of the sheets and cleaning of the room is a service included in the rented accommodation. If this offer interests you, we advise you to reserve a long time in advance, because it is what is requested most.
- Shared apartment: a good choice which allows you a complete freedom and which will be perhaps, for a lot of you, the first experiment of apartment as a student. An experiment, that can often prove very amusing but we draw your attention to the fact, that we donft recommend you to share the apartment with students who speak the same language as you, because that could slow down your learning of the foreign language.
- In individual apartment: for those who want to make the most of a quietness and complete freedom alone. The choice is more expensive and perhaps less interesting on the social life level, but it is the opportunity, for those who wish it, to experiment an independent life.
- Hotel accommodation: for those who wish it, some schools propose to book rooms in hotels close to the school. Inns or 5 star hotels.
Do not forget that the sooner you make your reservation, the more chances you have to obtain the type of accommodation you want.

Stage 5. Registration.
You have chosen the city, the school, your course and perhaps your accommodation. It only remains for you now to click on INSCRIPTION!
You have to be initially recorded as new user (or if you are already recorded, to give your identifier and your password) and to fill in the registration form.

Stays of long duration (more than three months)

If you have decided to spend a few months abroad and you do not belong to the European Community, you must then contact the consulate of the country that you wish to visit. The consulate will give you necessary information to obtain the visas. Do not forget that these administrative procedures require a certain time, and you have to begin as soon as possible.
As for the rest, the procedure is the same as for a short duration stay. 

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