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If you need travel insurance, Euridom has chosen to work with Avi International, specialists in travel insurance and language trips. This international company has lengthy experience and, unlike the majority of insurers, does not charge excess in the case of accidents or request refunds for medical services.

Here you have a summary of the services offered by Avi International:

Health and Accidents
Repatriation for serious health reasons or accidental injury: 100% cover, including being accompanied by a medical team if needed.
Specialist' costs: 100% cover.
Laboratory analyses and x-ray costs: 100% cover.
Hospitalisation abroad: 100% cover.
if you are travelling alone and you are hospitalised, the insurance company will deal with keeping your family informed. If the hospitalisation exceeds 3 days, the insurance covers the travel costs of a member of your family to come and be with you.


In the opposite case, if a member of your family, closely related to you, is taken ill or dies, the insurance will organize your return home.

The luggage, in the event of loss, are ensured for a maximum value of 2 800$.

Personal liability
Covers physical injury as well as damage to property, which you could have involuntarily caused to a third party.

Legal aid
Whether you are victim or accused, AVI International covers the expenses related to the legal aid for a maximum value of 600 000$.

Refer to the detailed information about the AVI International guarantee here.
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