An efficient language school in Regensburg to study german in Germany.

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Regensburg, a city of 140.000 inhabitants, is regarded as the medieval treasure of Germany. It is a beautiful historic city, located in the heart of Bavaria, on the banks of the Donau. The Romans founded it almost 2.000 years ago and it has been one of the most important cities of Germany until the beginning of the XIXth century. You will be enchanted with its narrow lanes, its bustling places, its medieval houses, its monuments and its historic sights. You will appreciate its lively places and its possibilities of outing: interesting museums, theatres, cinemas, many bars and its open-air brasseries, the famous 'Biergärten', where you can taste excellent Bavarian beer. Regensburg has also a university which gives the city, with 25.000 students, a youthful and lively look; do not hesitate to visit its library, it is one of the most important of Germany! Other places of interest in Regensburg: the Cathedral of St Peter’s, the Stone Bridge, the Princely Palace of Thurn und Taxis, the Roman gate Porta Praetoria, the historical museum and the memorial house of the astronomer Johannes Kepler. We must also mention the Bavarian’s hospitality and their proverbial friendliness and you have in Regensburg an ideal place to learn German in Germany.
Discover here our German school in Regensburg.
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Horizonte is a small school, which is located in one of most beautiful towns of Germany. It was founded in 1986 and became rapidly internationally famous, thanks to the good quality of its pedagogy. Horizonte has obtained the accreditation of the IALC (International Association of Language Centres) and is member of the FaDaF (Association for German teaching as a foreign language).Convinced that learning a language through concrete real-life situations is more efficient, Horizonte teaches German while providing you information on social, cultural and political life of contemporary Germany. Its teaching methods are dynamic and focus on communication. Students of various nationalities work in small groups. Every teacher is professional, with a special degree to teach German as a foreign language; he encourages you to speak and to have an active and spontaneous participation during the courses, because the main objective with Horizonte is obvious: it is necessary to communicate!
Euridiom's opinion
We think that this small school can be very beneficial to you. Its teaching methods have proved to be very effective. Thus, many students come there from the whole world, to learn German and to discover a superb region of Germany, its inhabitants and customs.
Capacity 50/100 Students
Method Various modern communicative methods.
Facilities Free Internet access.
Activities Horizonte offers various activities, such as visits in the town of Regensburg, conferences on some aspects of the German history, on the modern literature of the country, or on present political events. Recent German films are shown. You can visit companies, go on excursions, for the day or the half-day, or go cycling.All the activities are free and the excursions are at cost price.
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