Euridiom invites you to discover its german language courses in Berlin, Germany: Crash Plus Specialized German Course with GLS school.

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School GLS - Berlin
Standard General German Course
Intensive General German Course
Crash General German Course
Individual General German Course
Specialized German Course
Crash Plus Specialized German Course
Individual 20 Specialized German Course
Individual 30 Specialized German Course
Individual 40 Specialized German Course
Language schools - Germany
Crash Plus Specialized German Course
Germany - Berlin - School GLS
This course includes a program of 4 daily lessons of general German in a group of 12 participants maximum and 4 daily lessons of German in the selected professional field.

You have the choice among various special fields:
- Businesses German
- German for Lawyers
- German for Teachers
- German for journalists
- German for financial world.

1 lesson = 45 minutes.
Topic: General Language
Level: All
Age: +18 years
Type of course: Super intensive, Combined
Number of students: 8/12 Students
Weekly courses: 40
Minutes/lesson: 45
Weekly hours: 30
Frequency: weeks
Price: See price list below
Registration fees: € 0.00
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Beginning of the courses: Every week
Finish: Every week
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