Euridiom invites you to discover its german language courses in Berlin, Germany: Standard German Course with BWS school.

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School BWS - Berlin
Standard German Course
Intensive German Course
Combined German Course 20/5
Combined German Course 20/10
Specialized German Course 20/6
German Course and Exams Preparation 20/3
German Course and Exams Preparation 20/6
German and Pronunciation Course 20/ 3
German and Pronunciation Course 20/6
One-to-one German Course
Language schools - Germany
Standard German Course
Germany - Berlin - School BWS
20 lessons of 45 minutes per week, Monday to Friday from 10.a.m. to 1.30 p.m.
Average number of students per course : 10

A programme specially designed for short stays, recommanded for those who want to start German or improve their level and at the same time have time to discover Berlin.

Duration of the course : 2 to 7 weeks.

A method which is based on the modern use of the German language. The use of techniques and varied teaching aids guarantees an optimum teaching. You develop your understanding and also your ability to talk and write individually, in pairwork or in group. Particular care is given to oral communication which you practise on the one hand thanks to roleplays, language games and discussions, and on the other hand through leisure activities with your teachers. Regular tests, included in the courses, allow you to acknowledge your improvement.

The price includes : registration costs, level test, teaching material, study certificate and the stay insurance.
Topic: General Language
Level: All
Age: +18 years
Type of course: Standard, In group
Number of students: 8/12 Students
Weekly courses: 20
Minutes/lesson: 45
Weekly hours: 15
Frequency: weeks
Price: See price list below
Registration fees: € 0.00
Accommodation Fees Send a friend
Beginning of the courses: Every week
Finish: Every week
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