Euridiom invites you to discover its german language courses in Berlin, Germany: German and Pronunciation Course 20/6 with BWS school.

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German Course and Exams Preparation 20/6
German and Pronunciation Course 20/ 3
German and Pronunciation Course 20/6
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German and Pronunciation Course 20/6
Germany - Berlin - School BWS
20 lessons with the “Standard German Course” group and 6 pronunciation lessons, in mini-groups of 2 people, per week.

A course designed for those who want to acquire a very good pronunciation in German. It is recommanded for professionals who need to pronounce German perfectly, for example, hostesses, opera singers, touristic guides ...

The price includes : registration costs, level test, teaching material, study certificate and the stay insurance.
Topic: General Language
Level: All
Age: +18 years
Type of course: Intensive, In group
Number of students: 8/12 Students
Weekly courses: 26
Minutes/lesson: 45
Weekly hours: 19h30
Frequency: weeks
Price: See price list below
Registration fees: € 0.00
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Beginning of the courses: Every week
Finish: Every week
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