Study french in Bordeaux with the BLS french language school.

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Bordeaux, capital of Aquitaine, located by the Atlantic Ocean and crossed by the Garonne, is considered as one of most important cities of France. This modern and dynamic metropolis with magnificent buildings is an economic and cultural crossroads between Southern and Northern Europe. When you think about Bordeaux, the idea of its castles and famous wine occurs immediately to you. There is no need to remind you that Bordeaux owes its economic and cultural richness to its vineyards, considered as most prestigious in the world. Of course, Bordeaux is indisputably famous thanks to its wine but its river gave the city, and that goes back to time immemorial, richness and outstanding importance and, still today, its presence is linked to the city. Each district is a vivid sign of the history of Bordeaux and it makes you happy to guess the secrets that the streets, the buildings, the fountains keep preciously hidden... You will be in raptures! But the assets provided by Bordeaux are not only its wine, the Garonne and a splendid architectural heritage; the city offers a wide choice of museums and culture places. And the region is beautiful with its sandy beaches, its pine trees forests, its dunes, its medieval towns, its prehistoric sites and of course The Pyrenees. There is no doubt about it; Bordeaux is the ideal place to study and to learn French while benefiting from many tourist treasures within reach.

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BLS is located in the heart of Bordeaux, in an elegant and functional 19th century building. It offers 15 bright classrooms, air-conditioned for the most part, a self study room with an internet access and a lounge leading onto a beautiful sheltered garden. A wide range of courses and various leisure and cultural activities are at students’ disposal. This school, founded in 1992, specialized in the teaching of French as a foreign language, enjoys an excellent reputation; thanks to its know-how it has obtained the accreditation of many national or international bodies. BLS is member of SOUFFLE (association which controls the quality of the French schools in France), of the IALC (International Association of Language Centres), and is accredited by the Chamber of Commerce of Paris, the House of France and the rectorship of the educational district of Bordeaux-Aquitaine. What distinguishes the school: a very rigorous educational follow-up. At the end of each week, the teachers, together with the Director of Studies, make an evaluation for each student, in order to assess acquired abilities. This evaluation enables to validate if he/she keeps up with his/her level group or if he/she has to move from one level to another more adapted one.
Euridiom's opinion
The individual attention in BLS teaching method seams a particularly effective one to us; it enables each student to progress according to his learning pace and to make the most of his language studies. Bordeaux is one of the most refined towns of France and it offers an ideal setting to study French.
Capacity 100/200 Students
Method Communicative. Specialized teaching aids in F.L.E. (French as a Foreign Language) and authentic documents. The school supplies the teaching material.
Facilities Television, videos, audio cassettes, self-study room with Internet access (card at a cost of 20 euros for unlimited use), meeting room, sheltered garden.
Activities Guided tours of Bordeaux: historical monuments, museums, 18th and19th architecture. Full day excursions to the Arcachon bay, to the “Dune du Pyla” and to St Emilion vineyards. Wine and cheese tasting. French cookery lessons. Parties at the school and evenings/lunches at French restaurants or cafés, in the town. The price of these activities varies between 3 and 22 euros.

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