Euridiom invites you to discover its french language courses in Brussels, Belgium: Standard French Course with CLL Centre de Langues school.

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School CLL Centre de Langues - Brussels
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Standard French Course
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Standard French Course
Belgium - Brussels - School CLL Centre de Langues
A 4-weeks course : 12.30 hours of general french course, from 9.30 12.00 a.m., Monday to Friday and 2.30 hours of e-learning per week.

A 60-hour French course for all students whatever their level who wish to have a medium-length stay in Brussels.

This training favours the acquiring of the French language used in daily life. It offers an oral and interactive approach. Grammar suggested in a progressive and structured way is integrated in a global communication context, in relation to selected situations and themes. The method used thus emphasizes interaction between participants, with a view to stimulate a more and more autonomous participation.

This course includes two free cultural activities. It takes place every month at specified dates (see the following calendar).

Topic: General Language
Level: All
Age: +18 years
Type of course: Standard, In group
Number of students: 4/9 Students
Weekly courses: 15
Minutes/lesson: 60
Weekly hours: 15
Frequency: months
Price: 557.00
Registration fees: 35.00
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Beginning of the courses: Every month
Finish: Every month
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