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About Us

“He who does not know foreign languages, knows nothing of his own his own.”
  Johann Goethe

www.euridiom.com is a site about languages and for those who love languages, put together by a group of dedicated teachers and translators.

www.euridiom.com you will find carefully selected resources for learning the main European languages: French, Italian, English, German, Spanish and Portuguese. We suggest language schools and prestigious agencies in 10 European countries, and shortly, the best sites for on-line learning, as well as self-learning methods by means of CD-ROM, with our own tests and comments.

Our priorities:
- To help you with your search and allow you to find the course and method that best suits your needs;
-To select the best professionals and products within each area: language schools, language stay agencies, on-line learning sites;
- To offer clear, full and objective information;
- To be independent in our choices and recommendations.

Happy learning to all
www.euridiom.com users!

 The Euridiom team

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Euridiom, the European Portal of languages, proposes the best selection of schools to learn english in England, to have german language courses in Germany or efficient french language school in Paris.