Euridiom invites you to discover its german language courses in Vienna, Austria: One-to-one German Course 20/5 with Actilingua school.

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School Actilingua - Vienna
Standard German course 20/5
Intensive German course 30/5
Intensive Plus German course 30/5
Business German course 30/5
German for Life 1
German for Life 2
German and Winter sports
School Year and OSD exam
One-to-one German Course 20/5
Language schools - Austria
One-to-one German Course 20/5
Austria - Vienna - School Actilingua
20 individual lessons per week: 4 per day, plus the equivalent of 5 courses of cultural and leisure activities.

You can define the content of your German language course yourself, according to your needs and attain an optimal efficiency thanks to an intensive and precise learning with your own teacher(s).

The courses begin every Monday.
Topic: General + Specialized Language
Level: All
Age: +18 years
Type of course: Intensive, One to One
Number of students: 1 Students
Weekly courses: 25
Minutes/lesson: 45
Weekly hours: 19
Frequency: weeks
Price: 1020.00
Registration fees: 0.00
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Beginning of the courses: Every week
Finish: Every week
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