Euridiom invites you to discover its french language courses in Bordeaux, France: French for Law with BLS school.

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School BLS - Bordeaux
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French for Law
France - Bordeaux - School BLS
30 lessons of 45 min per week.
20 lessons (45 min each) of standard French in group and 10 one-to-one lessons of French for Law per week.

With this programme you will learn to master the French language, its specific vocabulary and expressions, in use in the legal environment. You will not study law; it is a language course, during which you will study the basics of law, such as organization of the judicial framework, law professions, rights and ownership, corporate and labour law...

Contents of the courses corresponds thus to the minimum that you have to know about law if you are professional in this field, and particularly about corporate law. It is about general legal culture and not technical skills adapted to one or another field of law.

This course is intended for students with an intermediate or advanced level in French (equivalent at least to the B1 level of the Common Framework of The European Council).

Courses start every Monday.
Topic: General + Specialized Language
Level: Intermediate
Age: +18 years
Type of course: Super intensive, Combined
Number of students: 8/12 Students
Weekly courses: 30
Minutes/lesson: 45
Weekly hours: 22.30
Frequency: weeks
Price: See price list below
Registration fees: € 75.00
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Beginning of the courses: Every week
Finish: Every week
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